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Musical Instrument Rentals vs Buying: Which Is Better?

A group of children students young musicians boys and girls with musical instrument rentals

When it’s time to go back to school, many parents wonder whether buying or renting a musical instrument for their child will be better. There are some advantages to both musical instrument rentals and purchasing an instrument. 

Benefits of Musical Instrument Rentals

Swap The Instrument As Your Child Grows

When you rent a musical instrument for your child when they are young, one of the biggest benefits is that once they grow out of that size, you can upgrade them without having to purchase a new instrument. When your child starts playing violin, for example, they will be using a much smaller version than what an adult would play. Violins come in quarter size, half size, three-quarter size, and full size. Just from age 6-11 a child could need each of those sizes. Buying one each time they grow can become expensive. 

Try Before Your Buy

Young children might think they will love playing one instrument, and over the course of 1 year in band, they may decide they would prefer to play something different. Musical instrument rentals allow for the flexibility of changing instruments, especially if your rental company offers month-to-month terms. They could even switch mid-year if they wanted to. Kids are more likely to practice and enjoy band if they’re playing the instrument they want. 

Maintenance Is Included

Many musical instrument rentals come with a maintenance and protection plan that will keep your instrument in perfect working condition. Many businesses prefer to operate this way because it encourages the renter to bring the instrument in for repair at the first sign of trouble rather than avoiding the additional cost for a potential repair. 

Rent and Accrue Purchasing Credit

You accrue credit for each month you rent the instrument, that can be applied to a purchase when the time is right for you and your student! This gives you the ability to take advantage of all the perks of musical instrument rentals, and have the freedom to choose when to purchase!

Benefits of Buying an Instrument

Greater Sense of Commitment

When your child knows that they own their instrument, it may give them a greater sense of commitment and ownership over their musical journey. Students who are a bit older may feel a connection with their instrument, and as playing progresses to more advanced techniques, sometimes it is good to know your instrument well and play the same instrument year after year.

You Can Buy A Brand New Instrument

Buying a brand new instrument isn’t necessary, but if you find one on sale, you may want to snatch it up. Musical instruments tend to have decent resale value, especially if you have purchased a high-quality or professional-level instrument. You may look at the instrument as an investment that could be sold later (as long as it was taken care of). 

Rent or Buy Musical Instruments from CIOMIT 

CIOMIT has instruments both for rent and for sale. Our CIOMIT Rent Plus+ program offers ownership credit, maintenance & protection, instrument swaps & size exchanges, and a month-to-month agreement. For those wishing to purchase an instrument, we have a wide range of new and used instruments to fit any budget or ensemble. Shop the CIOMIT Music Store or give us a call at 303-663-4084 to find the perfect instrument for you or your child!