Our Enrollment Process

We like to be straight forward with our enrollment process: no surprises! The enrollment process looks a little different for each of our program format options. Below you will see the general steps listed out with specifics differences mentioned.


Ask us questions!

If you have any questions about program format, tuition, course selection, scheduling or anything else, ASK US! You can contact us via website contact form (on our home page), phone, email, social media, or even in person to reach out with your questions! 


Fill out an online application!

Take a minute to fill out a prospective student application! Once we receive this, we will be in contact.


Pay Enrollment Fee

After we have received and reviewed your application, we will reach out letting you know of your tentative acceptance status. If you have been tentatively accepted, we will send you and invoice for an enrollment fee–$45 for on campus students, $25 for online students. You can pay this directly via the invoice using a credit card or bank transfer, or you can call to make the payment. This will temporarily hold your place until the enrollment process is complete.


Online Background Check (On Campus Only)

After your enrollment fee has been paid, you will receive an email containing a link to an online background check through Clear Checks. This is a very secure background check portal. CIOMIT will only receive the results of the check; all of your private information will remain secure. Proceed with the link to complete the background check.


Acceptance Letter + Finalize Payment + Schedule

Once we receive a clean background check, we will finalize your acceptance by sending you a formal acceptance letter via email. Also in this step you will receive a call from our academic coordinator to finalize your schedule discuss final payment.

Power Course: During this call you will either set up a payment plan or discuss a date and method of final payment. This will secure your placement in our course.

Full Year Program: It is at this point that you must schedule your first months payment. This payment must be made in order to secure your spot. Also during this call you will discuss the scheduling for the following reoccurring payments.

Online: During this call you will either set up a payment plan or discuss a date and method of final payment. You must also submit payment at this time for any tools purchased. On this call you will pick a tentative course start date. The actuality of this date is dependent upon arrival of your tools. 


Sign Student Services Agreement Document

Everything discussed with the academic coordinator in step five will be written into a student services agreement document. This document will be sent to you via email for your review. Once you have reviewed and signed the document, it can be returned to CIOMIT.


Owner Signature = Enrollment Complete!

CIOMIT’s owner will sign the final student services agreement! Your enrollment is complete! Should you have any questions between the completion of this process and the starting of your course, feel free to reach out and ask! We look forward to teaching you soon!

What Now?!

Haven’t decided on which course you want to take? 

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