We’ve heard that it can be difficult for band directors to find professional development courses that are relevant and beneficial to them. We’d like to help! We have two options for your directors to access professional development, training, and education relating to the upkeep and repair of instruments.

These options are also great for saving your district money in the long run. If band directors are able to do some of their own repairs in house, then that’s a good bit of money that you no longer have to spend on sending the instrument out for repair.

Instrument repair tools for band directors

Let's Look at Your Options

On Location Band Director Workshop

If your district wants to host a band director workshop, we will come to you! You tell us how many directors will be in attendance and how long you want the workshop to be and we will create a course for the occasion.

Band Director Power Course

As a part of our Repair Institute, We have created a training course specifically designed for Band Directors. This five-day training course will allow you to be a "MASH" unit for band instrument repairs in your school. You will spend three days on woodwinds -- clarinet, flute, saxophone -- and two days on brass fundamentals.

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Check Out Our Other Services for Schools

Test Play Events

Students can find what feels natural, discover what sounds they enjoy, and decide what instrument is the right one for them!

Rental Nights

We offer several different set up models for these rental nights depending on what works bet for your school!

Weekly/On-Call Pick Ups

Our reps can schedule weekly check-ins with directors to pick up/drop off any instruments needing to be serviced!

Instrument Step Up Nights

Step up nights give students a great opportunity to take advantage of discounted prices, interest free financing, and rental credit transfers!

Classroom Education

We love speaking to students about instrument care, instrument quality, and the career field of instrument repair!

Professional Development

We have two options for your directors to access professional development relating to the up keep and repair of instruments.