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CIOMIT Careers in Castle Rock, CO

Our team is passionate, supportive, and committed to a growth mindset. 

About CIOMIT: We’ve been contributing to the quality of music for 17 years! While technically our job is to repair instruments and teach others to do the same, we see our job as being educators, advocates, and craftsmen for music. We carry out these roles by staying committed to our value of excellent customer care in every area of our services. 

No available positions at this time.

Check back periodically for information on available hiring positions.

Does Instrument Repair as a Career Interest You?

CIOMIT Repair Institute offers in person and online instrument repair courses.

Choose from a range of instrument repair courses tailored to your preferences and schedule. Opt for self-paced online courses to learn at your own convenience, with the SELF ENRICHMENT LEVEL course. Alternatively, consider a 5-day intensive POWER COURSE, in-person instrument repair course for a focused and immersive learning experience. For those seeking comprehensive expertise, there’s a mastery program available for FULL TIME STUDENTS, spanning five months and covering instrument repair for all types of string, brass, or woodwind instruments of choice. Embrace the opportunity that suits your goals and embark on a rewarding journey in instrument repair. Learn more about our courses by clicking here.