Musical Instrument Care

Instrument care is super important, but you have a lot of important information to communicate to your students, and let’s face it… after a while they can become a tad selective about what they hear. That’s where we come in!

We have an excellent way of getting the students attention when it comes to instrument care. After a few of our “yuck factor” horror stories, we have their ear for just enough time to do some instrument care demos! 

Who better to learn from than the guys that fix their instruments? We have seen it all!

Musical Instrument Repair Career

Many students involved in band/orchestra desire to pursue careers in the field of music. However, in this society students are often told careers in music aren’t practical. Traditional college is being pushed as the “only” wise option for post-secondary education, and students who are more interested and better suited for a trade are often doubted and criticized. That cultural message has a negative impact on the confidence of our youth, and we’d like to be the voice that says otherwise!

A dream for a career in music can come to fruition in a multitude of ways, and musical instrument repair is one of those! As a musical instrument technician you are in the world of music–you have an opportunity to interact with and support musicians, play and repair all kinds of instruments, and build into the quality of music! Many of our techs here at CIOMIT love their job because they get to work in a field where their knowledge of instruments, technical skills, and love for music are utilized daily!

This is our passion, and we love to share that passion with others any chance we get! If you want to encourage your students to pursue their talents and dreams in the realm of music, we’d love to come and speak to your class about the instrument repair trade!

Want us to come speak to your class?

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