We believe that music programs in schools are not only beneficial but essential. It is important for each generation to pass its knowledge of music down to the next. Additionally, we can’t ignore the evidence that keeping music in schools produces a more effective learning environment and a greatly enriched education.

This is why we love working with school admins and directors to keep music alive and well in their programs. We have Education Representatives dedicated to meeting the needs of your schools through a variety of services. Supporting you and your program is a high priority for us! While our technical job here is instrument repair, our real job is being your ally–advocating for quality in your program!

Meet your Education Rep


Stephen Bluebaugh

CIOMIT Education Representative


Stephen Bluebaugh

CIOMIT Education Representative

Stephen has been serving as our Southern Ed. Rep. for the last couple years and is now temporarily servicing all school! If you have any questions about the services we off to schools, give Stephen’s your guy! Along with being our Ed. Rep and the Head of our Strings Department, Stephen is also Co-Owner of CIOMIT! While he continues in his role as ed rep., he is ensuring that supporting schools and their music programs remains at the top of our priority list!

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    School Instrument Repair & Education

    Test Play Events

    Students can find what feels natural, discover what sounds they enjoy, and decide what instrument is the right one for them!

    Rental Nights

    We offer several different set up models for these rental nights depending on what works best for your school!

    Weekly/On-Call Pick Ups

    Our reps can schedule weekly check-ins with directors to pick up/drop off any instruments needing to be serviced!

    Instrument Step Up Nights

    Step up nights give students a great opportunity to take advantage of discounted prices, interest free financing, and rental credit transfers!

    Classroom Education

    We love speaking to students about instrument care, instrument quality, and the career field of instrument repair!

    Professional Development

    We have two options for your directors to access professional development relating to the up keep and repair of instruments.