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Look at how our tuition breaks down by program format. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Power Course


Per Course*

Full Time Student


Per month

*Students may choose one, two, or three disciplines at 5 months each.

Online Course


Per Course

*Exclusions may apply. Some exclusions include advanced courses and courses charged by the day. See “Course Selection” page for pricing on these exclusions.

Payment PLan Options

It's okay if you can't pay the full tuition up front! We offer installment agreements that can be used for any of our courses. Full payment for course must be made before commencement of course.

Tools Not Included

Tools are not included in the cost of tuition. Each course has its own tool list and the costs associated with it. This information can be found on our course selection pages. Tool costs are subject to change at any time of the enrollment process.

Payment Methods

We have several options for submitting your tuition payment. You can purchase one of our courses online, you can set up a reoccurring installment plan over the phone, or you can send payment via response to an invoice (phone, CC online, bank transfer).

Additional Fees

In addition to your tuition, there will be an application fee for all students--$45/on campus, $25/online. This fee covers on campus background checks and enrollment processing. There will also be a one-time fee of $125 for all on-campus students.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately we are not able to offer financial aid at this time. However, we do have options to set up payment plans! These installments are a great way to break the full tuition up into more affordable amounts.

Absolutely! If you are interested in taking more than one course in a time frame, we can total out the cost of tuition for all of the courses.

The course must be paid for in full before the commencement of the course. The enrollment fee will reserve your spot in the course and on our schedule until payment is remitted.

All fees including enrollment, tuition, and tool purchases are non-refundable. Should something come up and you have to cancel your course, we will honor the payment credit for the course for up to a year.

We purchase tools for our students for two reasons:

  1. To make the process easier for our students. For students that are new to the trade and aren’t familiar with the vocabulary of the industry, it can be overwhelming to find and order all of your own tools.
  2. Some of the tools we require come from distributors that require you to be an established repair facility before placing an order with them. This limits our student’s access to these tools.

We resell tools to our students at our cost + shipping + tax. We do not intend to take advantage of either of the two situations listed here. Therefore, we do not pad these prices for profit.

Our distributors change prices on their parts and tools daily. As the prices fluctuate, our resell prices must fluctuate as well. This is to ensure our business is not losing money by reselling tools at a cost lower than our purchase cost, and our students are not being charged more than necessary.

This means there is potential for the cost of your tools to change at anytime during your enrollment process. If you are concerned about a cost increase, we are always willing to provide price-check proof for you to verify this. We always strive to run our business with the greatest integrity.

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