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Category: School Band Instruments

Does Rap Artist Lizzo Have You Interested in Playing the Jazz Flute?

In the world of pop music, flutes are having a bit of a revival. Bands like Genesis, Heart, and Jethro …

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Violin Rental and How to Choose the Right Size Violin

Choosing the right size violin is essential for the most comfortable playing and to avoid playing in an unnatural position …

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Are Drums Good Used Student Instruments?

When your child is getting started in band, they might decide they want to be a percussionist. There is a …

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Musical Instrument Rentals vs Buying: Which Is Better?

When it’s time to go back to school, many parents wonder whether buying or renting a musical instrument for their …

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What Marching Band Instrument Should I Play?

Playing in a marching band is a unique and fun band experience. You get to be a huge part of …

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What Is Tuning Slide Grease for a Trumpet?

On a trumpet, there are valve slides that can be used to help control pitch. For these to work smoothly …

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