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Welcome to the Music Instrument Repair School

CIOMIT offers education and training in the field of musical instrument repair, focusing on the disciplines of brass, woodwind, and string. Music educators, musicians, and those interested in repair as a career can learn the skills and knowledge for success. Because of the small class sizes, we can work with your schedule and you can choose any of our three program format options to begin!

Hands-On Approach

CIOMIT Repair Institute Prepares Students for Real-World Instrument Repair as a Career

We value quality instruction and train students with a hands-on approach. For this reason, our courses are taught with 1-3 students at a time. This gives the student a generous amount of interaction time with the instructor as well as ample time for technique application. The best part about our program is that your course starts when you are ready.

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Hands-On Approach

Program Format Options

On Campus

On Campus

Come learn instrument repair in a real shop environment. Receive face-to-face teaching from our talented and experienced instructors.

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We offer unique, comprehensive online classes in the instrument repair field. We are busy working on upgrades to this platform. Fill out an application or email us to be added to our waitlist and stay tuned for more information about slots opening up Fall/Winter 2022!!

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On Location

On Location

CIOMIT comes to you. If you have multiple technicians in need of training, this might be the cost-effective option for you.

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Repair Institute Course Selection

Brass Repair Course

Learn how to repair instruments in the brass family! Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Baritones, Tuba. You name the brass instrument and we will teach you how to fix it!

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Woodwind Repair Course

Learn how to repair woodwind instruments! Each instrument in this discipline has its own twists and tweaks, so our woodwind courses are instrument specific! No matter which instrument you start with, you will find great benefit in these courses!

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String Repair Course

Learn how to repair instruments with strings! We have several courses available for guitar repair as well as a course for orchestral string repair. All of the above options are well worth your time!

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Miscellaneous Repair Course

Didn’t find a course in the above options that really fits what you are looking for? Take a look at our miscellaneous course options! We have great options for custom courses as well as a band director power course for those looking to learn a bit of everything!

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Meet The Instructors

Stephen Bluebaugh Strings Dept.

At the age of 17, Stephen approached his parents about learning to repair guitars. After some research, they discovered CIOMIT, and his journey began. He came to Colorado to study every summer. After completing several courses, he began working on his friend’s guitars and started a small business. He continued to attend CIOMIT for additional education in string repair. Stephen graduated from CIOMIT in 2013 in Strings. After several years, CIOMIT called to ask him to become an Ed Rep and the head of the string department. He started full time at CIOMIT in October of 2016. In March of 2019 he became a Co-Owner, and the rest is history! His instrument is the Guitar.

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Kelton Brown Woodwind Dept.

Kelton began repairing instruments in 2010 while still in High School. He is a 2017 Graduate of the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Kelton graduated from CIOMIT in 2018 in Woodwinds, Brass and Strings. He began working in northern Colorado after graduation. He came back to CIOMIT in May of 2019. In 2020 he became Straubinger certified and is our local Flute Expert. He also works on the horns of several Professional Musicians in the area. His instrument is the French Horn. He also repairs digital Pianos and Organs.

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Power Course vs. Full Time

Compare our two on campus program options. Pick a program that best fits
your schedule and goals.

Power Course

  • 30 Hours of Teaching/5 days
  • Low Commitment Level/Flexible Planning
  • 7.5 Hours of Individual Application Practice/ 5 days
  • 1 Power Course = 1 Instrument Specific Study
  • Fast/Intensive Learning


  • 30 Hours of Teaching/month
  • Immersive Repair Shop Experience
  • Over 60 Hours of Individual Application Practice/Month
  • Learn Repair In All Disciplines
  • High Possibility of Acquiring Repair Job Upon Graduation

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