Hi! We are CIOMIT...

We’ve been contributing to the quality of music for 12 years! While technically our job is to repair instruments and teach others to do the same, we see our job as being educators, advocates, and craftsmen for music! We carry out these roles by staying committed to our value of excellent customer care in every area of our services!


CIOMIT was started by Master Craftsman Daniel Parker. Dan had a vision to increase the quality of musical instrument repair not only in Castle Rock, Colorado, but around the world! He carried this out by opening CIOMIT’s repair shop as well as CIOMIT’s Repair Institute! This way he could expand his reach around the world as he and his staff executed high level repairs and taught others to do the same!

After nearly 50 years in the musical instrument repair industry, Parker decided on retirement. Thankfully, Dan had not only passed on his knowledge of repair, but his vision as well! In March of 2019 CIOMIT was purchased by Tom, Diana and Stephen Bluebaugh! With great excitement, these new owners are working to further the original dream and so much more! CIOMIT will continue to grow and expand their vision, but we will never forsake the mission of contributing to the quality of music!

Our Core Values

Close-up view of cello bridge setup


“Equipping future generations of luthiers and musicians of all ages, as well as contributing to professional development for teachers and directors.”


“Supporting the individual, the community, society, and the world by being champions for the cause of music education and it’s benefits, thinking outside the box to help integrate music in creative ways, and to help every student have access to music.”

Close-up view of instrument technician working on a violin neck


“Producing quality repairs and restorations with the highest level of precision and true caring for the instrument.”


“Providing attention to the customer that exceeds expectations in integrity and sincerity.”

Meet The Owners

Meet Tom, Diana, and Stephen Bluebaugh (right to left)!

This family is genuinely in love with music and all the magic that comes with it! Each one of them plays a different instrument (or two) and have continued to make music a large part of their lives! Becoming owners of CIOMIT was just another amazing step in their journey. 


Stephen at age 17 wanted to pursue a career in instrument repair (living in Kansas City at the time). Diana searched online, found CIOMIT and signed Stephen up for his first courses with Daniel Parker (Founder of CIOMIT)! Oh and Tom sent his personal trumpet on the trip with Stephen for CIOMIT to repair. 

Fast forward a few years and several more courses with Dan, Stephen was offered a position at CIOMIT as our Southern Ed. Rep and part time string tech. Stephen picked up his family and moved to Colorado for this dream job. 

Fast forward a few months, Tom and Diana moved to Colorado to be close to their son and find a place they’d like to “retire”. 

As Dan began to lean towards retirement from CIOMIT, Stephen jokingly suggested his dad should purchase the company.

…and the rest is history! Tom likes to say that the techs here did such a fabulous job repairing his trumpet that he decided to buy the place!

Dan was happy the business would remain “Family Owned” and knew with the business, musical, and technical experience of these three, CIOMIT would be in the best of hands!

These three have big dreams for CIOMIT, and we would love for you to be apart of them!

Meet the CIOMIT Family