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Is it Easy To Learn Ukulele?

hands paying a tenor ukulele to learn ukulele

Since the ukulele has become popular again in recent years, many people want to learn how to play this fun instrument. But is it easy to learn the ukulele? 

The answer to this question can vary per person depending on a number of factors like natural aptitude, prior musical knowledge, and willingness to spend time learning an instrument. However, generally speaking, the ukulele is an instrument that can be quite easy to learn.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Ukulele?

Most professionals agree that learning the fundamentals of the ukulele can be accomplished in a matter of weeks. Having a good teacher or dedicating adequate time to learning from a book or online course will give you the basics you need to start playing. Those who are serious about learning to play could spend many months perfecting the instrument. For those who simply want to strum a few chords and sing along with their favorite songs, this may only take a few weeks. So, regardless of your goals, there is no need to be discouraged – anyone can learn to play the ukulele with a little effort.

Tips Before Starting to Learn Ukulele

Use A Real Ukulele, Not a Toy

Since the ukulele is a small instrument, it already resembles a toy instrument you may find a child playing with. Toy ukuleles make popular souvenirs for those on tropical vacations, so it’s not uncommon for people to be strumming on a toy ukulele. While a toy may still be playable and make those well-known ukulele sounds, you may not get very far in learning to play seriously on one. Additionally, your real ukulele should be treated as an instrument, not a toy. They can be easily damaged if not cared for and handled properly. 

Understand That Ukuleles Are Different Than Guitars

Guitars are another common string instrument that many people enjoy learning how to play either as a casual hobby or as a professional gig. But, a common misconception is that all of the skills you learned on guitar transfer to ukulele 100%. While there are many parts of guitar and ukulele that are similar such as strumming with one hand and forming chords with the other hand, they do have several other differences. The way you form chords on a guitar versus a ukulele is different. The good news is that it is much more simple to make chords on a ukulele! Ukulele also doesn’t have the same type of technical abilities as a guitar and has a much smaller range. 

There Are Different Size Ukuleles

The size of your ukulele will have an impact on how it sounds and how it plays. The most common sizes are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. These size differences aren’t meant to accommodate the player’s size like violins do, but rather they are sized for their specific tone and application. The most commonly used is the tenor ukulele. So if you are hoping to learn popular songs and imitate your favorite ukulele players, consider getting a tenor rather than one of the other sizes. 

Learn Ukulele at Home

If you are ready to try your hand at playing ukulele, you can begin by teaching yourself at home. There are plenty of books, tutorials, and online videos that will walk you through the basics of learning the ukulele. If you have a handful of specific songs you want to learn, you will also be able to easily find those online. If and when you are ready to dive deeper into learning ukulele, music fundamentals, theory, and more, hiring a music teacher is a great next step. 

Ready to Learn Ukulele?

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