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Instrument Repair Courses at CIOMIT

close up of mans hands repairing a brass instrument from instrument repair courses

CIOMIT offers instrument repair courses for a variety of instruments, both in person and online. In these courses, you will learn repair skills from highly trained technicians currently working in the field.

Choose from On Campus or Online Instrument Repair Courses

On Campus Courses

If you are local to Colorado and prefer to learn instrument repair techniques in person, you can enroll in our in person courses. There are two different formats available to accommodate your needs. Students who choose to learn on campus will be provided with tool kits and supplies needed to complete the course. 

Full-Time Student

Those who choose to enroll as a full-time student will spend 5 months learning their specific discipline. With this option, you get all of the training required, as well as additional lab access during your course study to practice and perfect the skills you are learning. 

Power Course Student

If you are short on time, already have some instrument repair skills, or just need a refresher, you can also enroll in our Power Course. In this course, you will spend an intensive 5 days learning repair techniques and more for the specific instrument or instruments you have chosen. 

Online Courses

CIOMIT offers several online instrument repair courses for those who prefer a virtual learning experience or are not local to Colorado. Two different formats are available for online courses. Students who choose to learn online will need to purchase a tool kit and have the necessary supplies for class along with a few project instruments to learn on. 

Self Enrichment

Those who choose the Self-Enrichment path can move through instrument repair lessons at their own pace with no direct coaching. You will be able to take your time learning the skills you need to repair the instrument of your choice. 

Pro Level

The Pro Level online courses give you access to live coaching and direct contact with your instructor. With this option, you will have a designated amount of time to complete your course. You can email with your instructor to ask questions or get additional feedback to help you make the most of your experience. 

Instrument Repair Courses Available

Brass Instrument Repair Courses

In Brass Fundamentals, students will learn the basics of repairing brass instruments, including trumpets, trombones, french horns, and more. Skills taught include nomenclature, spot lacquering, chemical cleaning, valve alignment, spot plating, slide work overview, rotor assembly and tying, correct fit and function, dent removal, and soft soldering. 

Learn more about the Brass Instrument Repair Course

Woodwind Instrument Repair Courses

Woodwind repair courses available include Flute Fundamentals and Clarinet Fundamentals. In Flute Fundamentals, students will learn the nomenclature along with techniques required for flute disassembly, head cork repair, tenon fitting, dent removal, tone hole leveling, padding, regulation corks, care of metal finishes, spring replacement, straightening the body, alignment, and play testing. 

In Clarinet Fundamentals, students will learn about both plastic and resin clarinets, including techniques for disassembly, key straightening, spring replacement, proper key fitting, corking on tenons, padding, adjusting/regulation, key corking, and nomenclature.

Learn more about the Woodwinds Instrument Repair Course

Guitar and Orchestral Instrument Repair Courses

Both Acoustic and Electric Guitar Courses are available. In the Acoustic Guitar Course, students will learn how to properly diagnose, set up, and adjust various parts of an acoustic guitar, including nut and saddle regulations, truss rod adjustments, bridge adjustments for intonation, and replacements as well as entry-level crack repair and finish touch up. 

The Electric Guitar Adjustments Course will teach students how to diagnose, set up, and adjust both electric guitars and bass guitars. This includes nut and saddle regulations, truss rod adjustments, bridge adjustments for intonation, and replacements. Entry-level guitar wiring is also part of this course. 

Learn more about the Guitar and Orchestral Instrument Repair Course

Miscellaneous Instrument Repair Courses

The Band Director Course is an excellent course for the director that needs to be a “MASH” unit for all of the instrument repairs in their band department. For on-campus students, there will be three days dedicated to woodwinds (flute, clarinet, saxophone) and two days dedicated to brass fundamentals. Online students will have lesson blocks divided accordingly. 

The Instrument Specialization Course is an On Campus only course that offers an advanced continuing education course that is customized to your needs. Students who wish to learn more advanced repair techniques on a specific instrument or learn an instrument not currently part of the course offerings can sign up for this class. The course curriculum will be designed specifically for your needs. 

Learn More about the Band Director Repair Course

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