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Category: Instrument Repair

Maintenance: Taking Care of Your Musical Instrument

Music is a universal language that speaks to the soul, and for many, playing a musical instrument is a deeply …

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The Hidden Benefits of Local Music Stores

In the age of online retail giants and virtual marketplaces, the allure of the digital shopping cart has become irresistible …

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Musical Instrument Repair Courses Including Brass Fundamentals: Learn the Art of Instrument Repair and Maintenance

Explore comprehensive Musical Instrument Repair Courses offered at CIOMIT, including brass fundamentals, to master the techniques of instrument maintenance and …

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Instrument Repair Courses at CIOMIT

CIOMIT offers instrument repair courses for a variety of instruments, both in person and online. In these courses, you will …

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Common Trumpet Repair Issues You Should Know About

In order for your trumpet to sound and play its best, all of the various components have to be working …

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Should I Go To A Music Repair Shop?

Owning or renting a musical instrument can be so much fun! But with a musical instrument comes some responsibilities, one of them being …

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