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Health Benefits of Playing Music

close up of hands playing a guitar

Few things stimulate the brain as much as music does. Listening to or playing music is a terrific way to keep your brain active, whether you are young or old. It really is like a workout for your brain. Music has been found in studies to have a wide variety of positive effects on the mind and body. Here are some of the health benefits of playing music. 

Stress Relief

Playing music focuses your energy and attention on a positive activity, which can help relieve stress. The stress relief effects of music may be even higher for those who play percussion instruments. Musicians can physically release stress by hitting the drum heads with sticks or crashing cymbals together. The soothing sounds of other instruments can relieve stress as well, and the act of getting your mind off whatever is causing stress is extremely helpful. Reduced stress levels can assist in lowering your blood pressure and heart rate to a healthy level. 

Increased Concentration

It takes time to learn a new instrument, and while it is not an easy or straightforward process, the rewards are numerous. Every day, you improve your focus and concentration by putting in the hours and committing yourself to the craft of playing your instrument. Learning to play an instrument means you must figure out the best practice methods for you, be dedicated to honing your skills, and work on retaining the information you learned during your practice session. You will get extra concentration skills if you are working towards memorizing the music you are learning. When your brain learns how to get into such a focused state, you apply it to other areas of your life.

Improved Mood

Making music can greatly improve your mood. Whether you pick up the guitar at the end of a long day to unwind or you’ve composed your own song, and you finally get it just right, chances are you will feel happy when you’ve finished. The sense of accomplishment that comes from making progress in learning your instrument can be a huge mood booster and give you more self-confidence. 

Decrease Chances of Dementia

The influence of music on Alzheimer’s and early-onset dementia is probably the most remarkable health benefit of music. Research has shown a link between people who spent time studying an instrument when they were younger and their capacity to remember information as they got older. The findings, based on 157 pairs of twins, revealed that musicians may have a one-third lower chance of having Alzheimer’s later in life. There appears to be a relationship between Alzheimer’s disease or early-onset dementia and the capacity to recognize music from their youth. Many nursing homes use music as a therapeutic tool and have received positive feedback from their residents.

Improve Your Breathing

Most people spend their days breathing in a shallow way into their chest. This can actually increase tension in the body and prevent you from getting adequate amounts of oxygen to your brain. When learning a wind instrument or learning to sing, breathing is one of the most fundamental aspects. Taking a deep breath into the diaphragm is the proper way to prepare to begin playing a note. So when you practice your instrument, you should be practicing deep breathing. Over time this can become more like second nature, and you are likely to start breathing this way more in your day-to-day life. When you take deep breaths down into your belly instead of your chest, you are likely to feel less tension and more relaxation. 

Better Coordination

One of the unexpected health benefits of playing music is improved coordination. To play an instrument, your fingers, hands, and feet must connect to the rhythm of the music and work in harmony to make the right motions and produce the proper sounds. For example, to play the piano, you will need to use your right hand for the melody, your left hand for the bass line, and your foot for the sustain pedals. These three body parts will all be holding different rhythms at the same time, yet working together to create one sound. This is a great workout for your brain, and these coordination skills can transfer to other areas of life.

Find Better Health With Music

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