Program Format Options


CIOMIT comes to you! If you have multiple instrument technicians in need of repair and maintenance training, this might be the cost-effective option for you! The expense of multiple airfares and hotels can be avoided by contracting our teacher(s) to come to your location.

Is On Location For You?!

Repair Shop Owners

Often times repair shop owners need their techs to brush up on a few skills or learn how to repair different instruments. Our On Location program format is a great fit for this scenario. It is expensive to pay for accommodations for multiple technicians, and it's hard to keep operations going with your team gone. It might be easier and more cost effective for us to come to you!

School Districts

Teachers are often required to take a certain number of Professional Development hours, but it can be hard to find relevant courses for band and orchestra directors. With our On Location program format option, we can offer a one time custom course for your districts directors. This has two great benefits for the school district! It's an affordable PD option, and it will save the district money on instrument repairs. Our courses will equip your directors to handle a wide variety of repairs on site this meaning they won't have to pay to send the instrument out for repair.

International Groups

CIOMIT travels around the world! If there is a group of instrument technicians (or people interested in learning the trade), we can hold a group power course in your country. It is much cheaper to fly one person internationally that is to fly a group here to Colorado. In the past we have traveled to Haiti and Africa to name a couple examples.

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On Campus

Come learn instrument repair in a real shop environment. Receive face-to-face teaching from our talented and experienced instructors.


We are the only instrument repair school in the world offering online classes. We have structured our classes to ensure quality education in this format.