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We are the only instrument repair school in the world offering online instrument repair courses. We have structured our classes to ensure quality education in this format. While the course is taken online, the method of learning remains active and hands-on. In our small class size (1-3 students), our instructors are able to ensure the student is comprehending and correctly executing the skills being learned.

Online Repair School

How our online classes work

We have worked hard to ensure that students taking our online courses feel that they have received an education equal to that of one face to face! We believe every student should feel confident maintaining and repairing their instrument after course completion – no matter which format they choose. Here is a bit more information on how we make that possible!

All of our courses–including those taught online–are based on a hands-on method of learning. For this reason, when taking the online course, you will need to have your computer set up next to a work bench. As the instructor walks you through various repair process, you will be executing these skills in real time. This ensures that you have the opportunity to ask questions as you go and your instructor can oversee that proper techniques are being practiced.

To ensure that students are learning and retaining all information well, there will be quizzes and test throughout the course. In addition, the upon completion of the course, students will be required to send their course project instrument to CIOMIT for review and grading. The instructor will highlight any problem areas or will certify the completed project and return the instrument to you.

Because the format of this course requires hands-on learning and application, students are required to have all of the necessary tools for the course. CIOMIT offers the option to order tools directly from us with the initial course purchase, however if you already have some/all of the tools required, you will need to submit verification to your instructor to ensure tool quality and good use!

Students MUST have every required tool for the course to begin.

Because our courses are so student centered, we find a schedule that works for you! Our courses typically run for 6-8 weeks, 1-2 times a week, for 1-2 hours.  This timeline depends on the students learning pace and availability.

Because tools are required to begin the course, we do not finalize online schedules until the student has all the necessary equipment. The enrollment process will take place as normal, however the selected start date will be tentative depending on tool arrival. Once the student has confirmed that all tools are in their possession, the start date will be finalized.

To host our online courses, we use a program called Webex. This is an online training/video conferencing software that allows us to communicate in a variety of ways including, live video, live voice communication, screen sharing, document sharing, whiteboard drawing/communicating, and session recording.

There are a few technical requirements for students using this program:

  1. Students will need a high resolution webcam (most modern USB webcams work well).
  2. Students will need headphones and a mic. This cuts down on computer feedback (Airpods, Iphone headphones, headphones with mics work well).
  3. It is best if your computer is hard wired in. Most wireless connections are not fast enough to support all of the Webex features.
  4. A 50 Mbps speed is preferred. You can check with your internet provider to find out what you have.

We are happy to help you with any questions you have relating to these matters. Feel free to contact us!

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