Repair School Format Options


Come learn instrument repair in a real shop environment. Receive face-to-face teaching from our talented and experienced instructors. We offer two different on-campus program options. Learn more about these options below and pick the one that best fits your needs!

Setting up cello bridge
Instructional session covering flute repair and maintenance


Our power courses are intensives that cover the repair topics as they pertain to one specific instrument. Thirty hours of instruction are given in this weeks time.

Course timing/schedule

Each course runs for 5 days for 6.5 hours each day. Typically this takes place on a Monday thru Friday, 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. We work with your schedule to pick a week that is best for you!

Additional lab hours can take place during the remainder of the repair shop’s operating hours–4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. During this time, students are welcome to stick around and practice their new learned skills on their own. This time will be outside of the 30 hours of course instruction, therefore, this will be independent lab time.


Upon completion of a Power Course, each student will receive a certificate for the specific repair skills acquired. Each Power Course completed will receive its own certificate.

Post-Course Results

When a student completes a Power Course, they are certified by CIOMIT to carry out the application of the skills acquired. These intensive courses pack a lot of information into a short time frame. This does not allow for a solid amount of repeated practice. 

Students are encouraged to continue honing their skills after the power course! This looks different for everyone depending on the original purpose and end goal of the student. For example, band directors taking our “Band Director Power Course” will be able to implement their new skills immediately into their work. Technicians coming from other repair facilities looking to brush up on their skills or learn new skills for additional instruments are often able to return to their home shop and apply what they have learned directly to their work. Those taking their first repair course may do well to practice their skills on second-hand instruments that they can repair and re-sell for a higher value; they might even choose to enroll for additional power courses!

Power courses are a great option for any of these scenarios and have proven a great success for our students!


Students in our 12 month Full Program will be proficient in repairing all major instruments in the disciplines of brass, woodwind, and strings. Our 9 month Full Program covers the same material without the discipline of strings. Thirty hours of instruction are given every month and students overhaul multiple instruments in their technique application time.

Course timing/schedule

Once a prospective student has filled out their application and filed their tuition agreement, we work to schedule a program start date for you. Because of the apprenticeship model of our trade school, we do not have quarter or semester start dates.. This means we will work within our student spot availability to begin your program when you are ready!

Within the full 12 month program, you will spend an estimated 4 months studying brass, 5 months studying woodwinds, and 3 months studying strings.  Student hours are available Monday thru Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. You are welcome to work in the shop/lab anytime during those hours. Thirty hours each month will be scheduled for direct instruction, and the remainder of the time will be spend completing the required course work–repairing/overhauling instruments, applying new skills, taking tests, etc.!


Upon completion of a discipline, each student will receive a certificate for that specific discipline. At the end of the Full Program, the student will have several certificates verifying the acquisition of skills in all three main disciplines.

Post-Course Results

Students completing our Full Program are well prepared to begin their career in the field of instrument repair. Our best recommendation is for these students to find positions in existing repair shops. This provides students a place to continue growing their skills under the supervision of more experienced technicians.

Many of our Full Program students find jobs upon the completion of our program. We consistently have other repair shops recruiting from our student pool as they trust the training provided by CIOMIT! 

What about tools?

For our on campus students, you are more than welcome to enroll and purchase tools at the same time, however this is not required. On campus students have the ability to use CIOMIT shop tools for the duration of their program. Upon graduation of each course, students will be provided with a list of tools used during the course along with purchasing information. We are happy to order tools for you at that time, or you are are welcome to purchase them on your own time as you progress through your career!

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