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What Marching Band Instrument Should I Play?

Playing in a marching band is a unique and fun band experience. You get to be a huge part of …

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What Is Tuning Slide Grease for a Trumpet?

On a trumpet, there are valve slides that can be used to help control pitch. For these to work smoothly …

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Choosing School Band Instruments

School Band Instruments: Which One Is Right For My Child? With a new school year comes a whole new class …

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Should I Go To A Music Repair Shop?

Owning or renting a musical instrument can be so much fun! But with a musical instrument comes some responsibilities, one of them being …

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How to Care for Your Violin

How To Care For Your Violin & Other Orchestral Instruments Regularly caring for your violin can help keep it working …

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How to Choose Jazz Band Instruments

When you challenge yourself to learn something new, especially something you’re really excited about, it’s one of the most fulfilling …

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